Welcome to the Christian Outreach Centre Foundation (COC) and Haven Foundation Legal Department information website. This website contains important information with regards to the membership and legal matters of both foundations. We are pleased to begin looking at partnering in the Gospel with you and are greatly encouraged by your vision for the lost and for Thailand.


COC Foundation  and Haven Foundation offer two different options for missional empowerment and legal residence within Thailand as ministry partners. The primary focus of COC Foundation is Church related activities (with a non-negotiable element of social welfare activities), whilst the primary focus of Haven Foundation is social welfare. The work of both foundations can be intertwined. However, the primary focus of your projects would determine which foundation you would become a member of. Please see the relevant logo above for detailed information pertaining to each foundation.

Spirit and Heart of Christian Outreach Centre PDF

How to use this Website

This website contains essential information for current and perspective Foundation members regarding membership and legal processes.

We ask that this is the first point of reference for all members regarding required processes and procedures. We welcome questions to clarify processes once initial instructions are acquired from this website, and staff at both Head Office and Branch Offices are available to assist you further.