Pastors Jonathan & Judy Vickers


Pastor Jonathan Vickers is the Founder and first National Chairman of Christian Outreach Centre (COC), Thailand. Pastor Jonathan was born in 1954 in Sydney, Australia, and received Christ as Savior and Lord in 1970. He spent many years building a deep personal relationship and knowledge of the Holy Spirit. In 1974 he married Judy, a Pastor’s daughter, and together they embarked on God’s call to evangelism, missions, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

In May, 1993 Pastor Jonathan received an apostolic anointing in a vision from the Lord. During the vision the Lord equipped him with armour and weapons and took him to many nations in Asia, where he fought alongside armies of angels, to gain victories for the Kingdom of God in Asia.

On 18 February, 1995 Pastor Jonathan & Judy, and their two teenage children, Rebecca and Matthew, arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to launch  Christian Outreach Centre Thailand. Since this time, a network of COC churches have been planted throughout Thailand and southeast Asia. COC in Thailand began humbly as a church in Chiang Mai on Nimanhaemin Soi 1, quickly followed by Pastors and Leaders Training School, church planting and a range of social welfare activities including mobile medical clinics to remote villages led by Thai staff and foreign volunteers, launched its first children’s homes.

Pastor Jonathan remains the current National Chairman, some 20+ years later, and continues to lead the ever growing ministry of Christian Outreach Centre Foundation and Haven Foundation as well as being led by God into surrounding nations as the Regional Director for Christian Outreach Centre Asia.


The first 10 years for COC in Thailand was a time of great moves of God, however as time went on and societal and government changes came about, the need for COC to establish legal entities to ensure the ongoing impact on the Thai community was identified. The team took this challenge in it’s stride, and two separate Foundations were established to empower God’s people to continue working in Thailand.

In 2005 COC was granted welfare status in Thailand as Haven Foundation, with Haven representing Hope, Aid, Vision, Education and New life.

In 2006 COC was granted status as a Religious purpose Foundation in Thailand, as Christian Outreach Centre Foundation.


At COC and Haven Foundations:

Our passion for the Kingdom of God ensures that our highest priority is the message and ministry of the Gospel, bringing the nation to Christ and making disciples of all mankind.

Our intent and desire is to promote the Gospel and we seek to achieve this by encouraging and partnering with Christian Churches, Ministries and Organizations, as members of the Foundation, to use all means available in accordance with the Word of God. Our methods are evidenced in the Bible, employed by the Apostles and directed by the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Our commitment to Biblical ethics ensures that our methods are never to be in violation of reasonable National Laws, we are not in criticism of any religion, we are morally and ethically sound, and are not causing serious grief or distress to any other Christian Church, Ministry or Organization.

We encourage spontaneity, inventiveness and individuality in the manner of programs to assist the people, while shunning independence and unnecessary duplication. We value advancing the kingdom through strategic relationships with people of like faith and heart, joined together for mutual support, partnership, and encouragement

We consider all Christian Organisations and groups as our ‘Brothers in the Lord’ and have a commitment to serve and encourage them.