HAVEN Foundation Projects

  1. Administration Project:

The administration and Training Project involves all aspects of administration for Haven Foundation.  Each Foundation Branch Office in various regions of Thailand has its own administration project that tends to all the necessary details of running a foundation.  The foreign workers are mostly concerned with the international aspects of the work, such as handling enquiries from other foreigners, whether individuals, businesses, or organisations.  This project has a strong training emphasis.

Foundation and Legal Department:

The Foundation and Legal Department looks after all the legal aspects of running the Foundation.  The Legal Department is responsible for ensuring that the Foundation is running according to government standards.  This includes preparing paperwork for the foreign worker’s work permit and visa, and informing the foreign worker about reports and other documents requested by each of the government’s departments.  The Foundation legal team have attended training seminars regarding changes to laws applicable to foundations in Thailand.  The Foundation consists of Thai staff and international volunteers.

Finance Department:

The finance department oversees all the monetary resources of the Foundation.  It is the department that pays wages to the Thai staff.  It sets budgets and ensures the budgets are kept.  Besides budgeting, maintaining accounts, and reporting on financial records, the Finance Department also is responsible for banking, social security, paying tax to the tax department, organising the auditing of the books, and whatever else needs to be done to run the Foundation’s finances from day to day.

Leadership Training:

The Branch Office in Bangkok runs a leadership training program that teaches skills to individuals in the Thai community, which will help them find practical ways to enhance their quality of life. These are skills such as leadership, communication, setting goals, financial budgeting, management skills, and conflict resolution. During this training, the individuals become more confident in using the English language, as they are given time to practice speaking with a native English speaker.  The program also teaches how to maintain good morals for the companies they work for, and how to have a mindset of excellence in all that they do.

  1. Welfare Project:

The Welfare project involves all aspects of helping people who are unable to help themselves. It gives a brighter perspective on life to those without hope and who are in need, and provides opportunities that strengthen society as a whole.

Children’s Homes:

Children’s homes for orphaned children or children at high risk are a major aspect of the welfare project. The Haven Foundation runs children’s homes in the provinces of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Bangkok, Tak and Chonburi.  The majority of funds for these homes come from international sources. The Thai staff under Haven who run the homes and carry other important responsibilities provides for the ongoing physical, emotional, psychological and educational needs of the children in Haven’s care. Haven Homes staff also assess whether the children are able to safely return to their family and community.  If this is possible, the staff provides support to the family after the children return, to ensure the child remains safe.

Traineeship Program:

The Traineeship Program is Tak was started to help young Thai people, including those from underprivileged groups in Thailand.  The focus is on those who are now at the stage of life where they are attempting to successfully transition into independence and gain meaningful employment.

The project includes hands-on training in active non-profit businesses, coupled with vocational education where suitable, and training under specialists in relevant fields. These are used to train these young people and assist in transitioning them into independent, contributing members of society. Each training period goes for thirty months for each trainee. The trainees are involved with monthly business training meetings that deal with workplace-related topics like English, workplace health and safety, sales, and management.

The C.A.T.C.H. Project in Chiang Mai (Community Anti-Trafficking and Crisis Help) primarily focuses the prevention of human trafficking and other forms of sexual abuse. The C.A.T.C.H. project also seeks to bring about awareness concerning predatory methods, internet safety and dangers on the internet.  The C.A.T.C.H. team research and evaluate up-to-date and culturally-relative preventative methods.  They work to help make schools and internet cafes in Chiang Mai as safe as possible for people of all ages, especially children and teenagers.  They also seek to maintain relationships with the police, social workers, school officials, and other government officials.

  1. Community Assistance Project:

The Community Assistance project is active in assisting the community and society. It aims to help those who can’t help themselves by providing them with a means to raise themselves out of poverty and contribute back to society. It also aims to assist in meeting people’s material and spiritual needs.  Regions where this Project functions include Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Bangkok, Chonburi, Tak, and Ranong.  It’s two main focuses are:

  • Prison Assistance
  • Health Assistance

Prison Assistance:

The Prison Assistance Project has been a part of the Haven Foundation since its inception.  It provides personal supplies, such as soap, to inmates.

Health Assistance

The Health Assistance project acts to inform and train people in all facets of health and hygiene. Under this project, Thai locals and foreigners are provided with an advisory service that helps them maintain a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Relief and Aid Project:

The Foundation’s Relief and Aid Project provides practical assistance and training so that when a natural disaster strikes in Southeast Asian regions, the local population will be educated and equipped to respond.  Such training and job opportunities are valuable to the Thai people in international relations and good representation of the nation.  The Foundation’s Disaster Aid and Relief Project Coordinator has been involved with the World Health Organisation’s Foreign Medical Team’s Committee to ensure up-to-date knowledge is available when implementing assistance, and to assist in educating local populations on current practices.

This project divides into two projects:

  1. Natural Disaster Aid and Relief Assistance
  2. DART – Disaster Assistance and Relief Team Training

The Natural Disaster Aid and Relief Assistance attends to disasters when they occur, and DART trains individuals to be ready to assist in such disasters.

  1. Cross Culture Project:

Under the Cross Culture project, Haven invites volunteers from foreign countries to visit the Foundation to interact with Thai people on a temporary basis. Upon arriving, each team is given an introduction to Thai culture, where they learn about some of the basics of Thai culture in order to interact successfully with local people.  Some of the ongoing events under this project are regular visits to Government homes for the elderly, and the attendance of events in honour of His Majesty the King.