Haven Foundation

The legal status of the Haven Foundation is that of a ‘Welfare purpose Foundation’ with its primary objectives approved by the Government authority as follows:

• To assist and help any persons in their troubles and hardship, in any difficulties, being relative to drug abuse, family and domestic issues and homeless children.
• To help with the education of orphaned or poor children and youth, and to provide for their education and vocational training.
• To establish private schools, educational or skill related training programs as in compliance with the education laws of Thailand.
• To assist those persons within the correctional institutions and prisons with moral and ethical instruction.
• To raise funds and finances to assist the training of individuals to establish small business to assist their personal and family autonomy.
• To join with other welfare organizations both nationally and internationally for the benefit of the public and community.
• To not be involved with any political activities, campaigns or political demonstration, or to utilize funds for any personal gain, or to conduct any program or activity that would be injurious to the morality or fabric of the culture of the nation of Thailand.

Membership with Haven Foundation is available to any believer, ministry or Christian-based organization on condition that the applicant meets the entry criteria, be in agreement with and signs the Document of Agreement on the Constitution, Articles of Faith and the Connectional Structure and is approved by the authorities of the Haven Foundation.

The Haven Foundation expects a high level of accountability of all our members, both relationally and legally. You may work within the larger body of Christ, but we expect you and your vision to be submitted to us. We expect to know what your mission statement is, and where the direction of your vision and work is going at all times. We expect there to be constant communication and relationship between our members and the National Chairman, and to a point, the foundation staff. Foundation members must submit to any requirements, whether ours or the governments, that are implemented at any time.

Our blessings to you,
Rev. Jonathan Vickers
National Chairman
Haven Foundation Thailand