Work Reports

Work Reports

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We understand that reporting is not the most interesting thing for you to, especially in comparison to the hands on work you are doing in the field. However, work reports are essential in actually keeping you doing what you are doing in Thailand.


The Thai Government requires that EVERYONE with a work permit sponsored by The Christian Outreach Centre Foundation and Haven Foundation MUST complete a work report.

The reports are used for the following:

  • to apply for your Governor’s Letter – which allows us to apply for your 1 year visa.
  • to apply for your work permit extension.
  • to ensure that all activities occurring under the Foundations are legal and in line with projects registered with the Government.

Work reports are your justification to stay in the country and need to be completed as per our guidelines, in the time frames advised in the guidelines. Please forward these guidelines to you translators also, as they need to also follow them regarding fonts and other formatting requirements.

Work reports that do not follow the guidelines will be returned to you to be redone.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the guidelines indicate a structured reporting period, with due dates, if your work permit or visa are due for renewal in the middle of a reporting period, you will need to provide an up to date report earlier than the structured due date. Please contact the office to discuss this prior to your renewal date.

Bangkok Requirements – Updated

 Work Permit Renewal – You need to submit a one page summary of the work you did for the year (IN THIRD PERSON – AS IF THE NATIONAL CHAIRMAN WAS WRITING IT) on the day your renew your work permit. This is replacing the work permit report at this time!
Visa Renewal – Immigration Department – NEW REQUIREMENT – FULL normal English work permit report and activity pictures for immigration.