Process Overview

The journey from becoming a Foundation member to being able to legally undertake volunteer work in Thailand requires time, patience, and consistent communication between the Foundation Legal Department and potential Foundation Members.

It is our goal to assist you through this process in a manner which demonstrates timeliness, clarity of information and expectations, integrity and due diligence. In order for this to occur, we ask that you also approach the application process with diligence and due consideration.

The process can be broken down into a number of phases, each requiring completion prior to moving onto the next phase. An overview of the process is provided below, with a more detailed explanation of each phase in individual pages.

Phase 1: Foundation Membership Application.

This step involves the assessment of the individual applicant and / or organisational applicant in relation to the intended nature of volunteer work, the fit within the Foundation’s Government registration, and the applicant’s ability to work within the guidelines provided by the Foundation. The Foundation aims to process applications within one month of receiving the completed application forms and ALL supporting documentation. However, the timing may be reviewed in the event of additional information being required, or other extenuating circumstances, at which time you will be advised. Click here for a breakdown of Phase 1.

Phase 2: Getting into Thailand Legally – External Visa.

This step involves applying for a 90 day single entry visa outside of Thailand (with paperwork provided by the Foundation). Click here for a breakdown of Phase 2.

Phase 3 & 4 : Volunteering in Thailand Legally – Work Permit & Internal Visa

Once you enter Thailand, you need to undertake additional legal applications legally undertake volunteering activities.

  • A visa allows you to be in Thailand legally. This requires extension at different intervals, depending on the province you reside in. The final aim is to have all long term volunteers on internal one year visa renewals. Click her for details on visa revnewals.
  • A work permit allows you to legally undertake volunteer work in Thailand. Click here for details on Work Permit application.

It is extremely important that you adhere to all instructions provided regarding the visa and work permit processes in order to ensure you are able to remain within Thailand, and to protect both the legal registration of the Foundation with the Thai Government.

Click here for a breakdown of Phase 3.

Click here for a breakdown of Phase 4.

Phase 5: Maintenance of Foundation Membership and Legal Documentation.

Once you are residing in Thailand, there will be ongoing requirements in relation to your visa, work permit and Foundation membership, alongside the effective work you intend to undertake.

Initially there is a great deal of contact between yourself and the Legal Department regarding legal matters, however once you are transferred to the 1 year internal visa, this contact slows down.