Landlord Notification Receipt (TM.30)

The Landlord Notification Receipt, or TM.30, is a very important document that all foreigners must have while staying in the country.  It is the responsibility of your landlord or landlady to notify Immigration of any foreigner staying on his or her property within 24 hours.  If your landlord or landlady has not done this, he or she will have to be fined 1,600 baht per adult in that property.  Foreigners MUST NOT pay this fine.

Your landlord or landlady can either do this online (click here) or visit Immigration, however they may ask you to go with them.  Here are the documents your landlord or landlady will have to prepare:

  • A copy of his or her photo ID – signed in BLUE ink
  • A copy of the title deed (house registration book) for his or her property where you are staying – signed in BLUE ink
  • A copy of the rental contract
  • Complete a TM.30 form, signed in BLUE Ink

Please note, if you are living in an apartment complex/flat or condominium, this process has to be done automatically, in which case you only need to notify the establishment of your presence.  You will receive a paper from them and you must go to Immigration to pick up your Receipt.

Below are samples of the TM.30 forms, for your reference.

Click here to download the TM.30 form, or visit the Immigration website for Immigration the forms.  Click the link below for a list of various such Immigration documents, which will take you to the Chiang Mai Immigration website.

Here are the items you need to provide:

  • A copy of your passport photo page signed in BLUE Ink
  • A copy of the visa page in your passport signed in BLUE Ink
  • A copy of the most recent entry stamp in your passport signed in BLUE Ink
  • A copy of your Departure Card (TM.6), which you should keep in your passport signed in BLUE Ink

Once your landlord or landlady registers you, he or she should receive the TM.30 slip, which looks like this:

Once you receive your TM.30, the Head Office and your local branch office will need to keep a copy in your file.  Whenever you move to a new location within the country, you will need to repeat this process, and as stated above, the landlord or landlady is responsible to report you within 24 hours.  Every time you receive a new TM.30, please let us know and upload it to the database.

NOTE: When you return after leaving the country, you will need to report to immigration to get your TM.30 updated with a new stamp, or have a new TM.30 printed out.