Step 1: Foundation Membership Application

***Please Note: The Christian Outreach Centre Foundation and Haven Foundation have in place a quota, which is currently full.  As of DECEMBER 2017 no further applications will be accepted. The Foundation Boards will review this decision in March 2018.


Step 1: Initial Inquiry

An Inquiry form will be sent and needs to be completed and must include what activities and projects you are seeking to undertake whilst in Thailand, the province(s) in which you intend to work and any other matters deemed relevant. A decision will be made by the Board to see if you fit within either the COC or Haven Foundation objectives and projects. A meeting / interview will be set up with the National Chairman and the outcome from this will determine if we proceed with any application.

Step 2: Application

Application forms will be sent if approved after a meeting or interview with the National Chairman. Application forms are to be returned with ALL supporting documentation required as stated in the application form along with the application donation of (2500 THB). Applications will only be processed once all supporting documentation and donation has been received. Please be diligent in providing all requested information and ensuring you have signed and dated all application forms where required as incomplete applications will delay processing.

This step involves the Foundation Legal Department undertaking reference checks as well as other relevant inquiries. You will also be required to undertake an interview with the National Chairman and possibly other Foundation staff as deemed required.

Step 3: Processing

It is the Legal Department’s intention to process all applications within a 1 month period. However, this may be extended in the event that additional information is required to inform the decision, or due to other extenuating circumstances. You will be advised in writing should it be determined your application will require extra time for processing.

Please do not make travel arrangements to enter Thailand prior to receiving a letter of acceptance. Pre-booked travel arrangements will not influence the speed at which your application is processed. If you travel to Thailand before your application is approved by the foundation this will affect  your application approval as it clearly demonstrates failure to follow instructions. You will have more costs as you will need to leave Thailand to get the foundation visa if approved.

Step 4: Approval Recommendation made by the National Chairman. 

The National Chairman makes a recommendation regarding membership to the relevant Foundation Board regarding acceptance as a Foundation member.

Step 5: Approval Decision by the Foundation Board.

At this time you will be advised in writing as to the outcome of your application.

Once you have been approved, you will then proceed to Phase 2: Entering Thailand Legally – External Visa