Step 3: Work Permit Application and Maintenance

Congratulations on arriving in Thailand! We are excited for your next phase of your journey.

You are now ready to apply for a work permit.


A work permit legally allows foreigners to undertake volunteer activity within Thailand. The Government is strict on this requirement, therefore this is a non-negotiable part of the legal processes you must undertake as a Foundation member.

A work permit is issued by the Labor Department. Once you receive your work permit, you must carry this on you at all times when undertaking any activity related to your visa, and be prepared to provide this to Government officials should they request it at immediate notice.

Here is some important information to know about your work permit

  • Your visa and work permit are separate documents.  However, they are closely linked in that:
    • Your visa cannot be extended if you do not have a current work permit.
    • Your visa automatically expires if you allow your work permit to expire, despite the expiry date.
    • The timing of your work permit application impacts on the application for a 1 year visa. In Chiang Mai province, if you do not complete this within the two weeks, this may delay the issuing of a 1 year visa.
  • You can only work in the provinces listed in your work permit. If you want to work in another province, an application to the Foundation and the Labour Department is required.
  • Your home address in your work permit must always be current according to your TM.30 (Landlord Notification Receipt). This means that any time you move to a new location, you must apply for a new TM.30.


Step 1: Application

  • As soon as you arrive in Thailand with a foundation Non-Immigrant “O” Visa, you need to begin the process for applying for your work permit, so that you can stay on track to get your one-year visa. *If you plan any travel, please let us knowFor your initial application we need: –
  • Complete sections 1.1,1.2, 1.3, 1.4 (1), 1.5 and 1.7 and sign page 5 on WP 1 Form.
  • Sign the Grantor space on the ‘Power of Attorney’
  • Recent photos. Photos cannot be older than six months. Must be in shirt and tie or suitable dress for ladies (high neck and sleeves).
  • 6 x photos 3cm x 4cm (WP), 12 x photos 4cm x 6cm (Passport and other forms)
  • Medical certificate – please do this at a hospital and make sure the report is on official letterheaded paper and printed, preferable not hand written. Most hospital forms have the standard six items needed for a work permit.
  1. General Medical state;
  2. Your blood type must be stated on the Medical certificate;
  3. The required tests as stated on the following link: Work Permit Medical
  • Please NOTE You do not need to get an X-ray unless they find something in your blood test.
    • Highest Education Certificate (Degree); Training Certificates*
    • Marriage and Birth Certificates (children only)
    • Passport Original (just for application and you can pick up straight after)
    • 110 baht for the application – Give to the Legal Department.

The Legal Department will submit your application on your behalf and get a receipt. We will notify you when you can pick up your passport and receipt. When notified you will need to go to the Labour Department in person, as you have to sign your work permit with your passport. AT PICKUP, you will have to pay 3000 Baht for the 1 year WP or 1500 Baht for 6 months

* Each new member needs their highest education certificate translated into Thai language at an approved Ministry of Foreign Affairs translation office. One page of translation is approximately 600- 1000 Baht. This document will be submitted with the new work permit paperwork.

**As of this year, 2017, the Labour department have introduced new procedures to the process. You will need to have submit a six month or one year plan according to the length of work permit required at application.Failure to do this will result in your application not being complete and unable to be submitted. This will result in us being unable to extend your visa when it expires, which means you having to leave the country.

At the time of application you will be provide you with a receipt detailing the date you are required to collect your work permit. Generally, this is approximately 7 days after the application is submitted.

Step 2: Collect Work Permit

  • Collect your Work Permit from the local DEPARTMENT OF LABOR. Your branch office will provide local instructions to you.
  • The cost upon collecting your Work permit will be:
    • 6 months – 1500 baht
    • 12 months – 3000 baht

Step 3: Provide a copy of your work permit to your branch office and Head Quarters

  1. Photocopy all pages of the work permit document that have writing and provide to COC Legal Department
  2. Start writing your Work Permit Reports. An important part of maintaining the validity of your work permit to write a work permit report detailing the activities you are undertaking in Thailand. Click here for more information on the Work Permit Report.

Important things to know about your work permit:

  1. You will need to carry your work permit with you when doing any activity associated with your volunteer role in Thailand. A government fine is applicable if violated.
  2. If your work permit is damaged or lost, you must apply for a replacement within 15 days from the date you become aware of this. A government fine is applicable if violated. If lost you must get a report from the local police station and include this in the application for the replacement book.
  3. You need to update the following details in your work permit as required:
    1. Residential address
    2. Change of job description (following Legal Department approval)
    3. Change or addition of province for location of volunteering (following Legal Department approval)
  4. In the case of resignation from the Foundation, you need to return your Work Permit to Head office or your Branch Office PRIOR to leaving Thailand.
  5. It is ILLEGAL to take the work permit out of Thailand. Only take a copy with you on travels. If you leave and are not sure you are returning to Thailand, please hand in your work permit to head office or your branch office.


  • Foundation Administration Donation – 5000 THB
  • Government application fee – 110 THB
  • Work Permit Document – 1500 / 3000 THB depending on length
  • Photos – approximately 300 THB
  • Medical Certificate – up to 1000 THB depending on medical facility charges

You can now move on to Phase 4: Remaining in Thailand Legally – Internal Visa Extensions