Work Permit Renewal

What is so Important about your work permit Expiry Date?

If your Work permit expires, your visa expires immediately and you start paying overstay. If your visa expires, you have to leave the country and you will need to start the whole process over again. The foundation board will review the members membership if this was done without communicating to the foundation.

You can renew your work permit up to 45 days before the expiry date, however you must notify the legal team to get permission to do it earlier as this requires the legal team to prepare the paperwork before your planned time.

Work Permit Renewal Requirements

  1. Original Work Permit
  2. Original Passport
  3. Work Permit Reports ***
  4. 3110 Baht for one year (6110 Baht for a two year work permit) – you must notify the Legal department ahead of time if you require a two year work permit.
  5. Medical Certificate – please do this at a hospital and make sure the report is on official letter headed paper and printed, not handwritten. Most hospital forms have the standard six items needed for work permit.
  • General Medical state;
  • Your blood type must be stated on the Medical certificate;
  • The following tests;

Please NOTE You do not need to get an X-ray unless they find something in your blood test.

*** Work Permit Renewal for Bangkok ***

You need to submit a one page summary of the work you do for the year on the day you renew your work permit. This is replacing the work permit report at this time for Bangkok!